What type of wood do you use?

Our preference is to use either oak or walnut. They are durable and will look beautiful for many years to come. We have used other types of hardwood, such as  sapele, mahogany, and maple. If you are unsure of the type of wood you would like to use, we can give you a basic primer and help you decide.


What can you build?

What can't we build?!? If it's made of wood, nails, and screws, we can probably build it. So far we've tackled everything from produce carts to bedroom furniture to one little girl's dream princess bed. We are open to plans you already have, sketches on napkins, product images from larger, more expensive retailers, or abstract ideas floating in your head. (You can always browse our catalog for something that strikes your fancy.)

Cool note: if we haven't built it before but we decide to add your plans to our catalog you get to name it! Bonus!



Where can I find some customer testimonials?

Under no circumstances do we allow our customers to speak to each other.

Just kidding. You can find customer testimonials on this website or on our Facebook page.


How do I pick a stain color?

We are big fans of the Verathane line of stain products. If you drop in at your local hardware store, they most likely have a display of Verathane stain in the paint department. You can take a color pamphlet home and chose a color for your furniture, then just let us know what you've selected. Another great place to get sample colors is Benjamin Moore, if you have one close by.

Please be warned - different types of wood take the stain differently, so what you see in the store will give you a feel for the color. We may have to work a bit to get the color exactly right if you are trying to match something.

Can we visit your woodshed?

Yes, we love to have company! Just give us a ring to set up an appointment and we'll make sure to put some coffee on!



How long does it take to build a custom piece?

It really depends on the size of the project and our production schedule. Our coffee tables take about three days from beginning of production to delivery. Larger pieces and customizations take a little longer. When we take your order we will give you a projected timeframe for delivery. Once your order is started you will have your own Trello project management board where you can watch your production happen!



Can you do cabinetry and built-ins?

Yes, we do a lot more than just furniture! We have done custom libraries, built-in entertainment centers, kitchen cabinets, and office waiting room remodels. If you aren't sure, just ask - if we can't do it we'll be honest and tell you. Chances are good we can work on your project or can recommend someone who can.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we prefer to break our project fees into three payments. The first payment is a deposit of 30% due when you place your order. The second payment is 35% due when we begin work on your order, and the last 35% is due at pick-up.

What if I need to cancel my order?

If something should happen and you need to cancel your order, we will refund your full deposit up until work has begun on your order. If we have received your second payment and have begun work, your deposit and payment are non-refundable.